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The Quester Trilogy, published under the name W. B. Speir, is a spicy Romantasy trilogy that combines fantasy and spicy romance to create a story of adventure and passion while touching on a number of personal issues that place the main characters in mortal danger while making their budding relationships difficult. This trilogy is the first Romantasy published by W. B. Speir.

The Unexpected Quest

Book 1 - The Unexpected Quest.

Nikki Frasier has trust issues, stemming from an incident on her last deployment. As a result, she isolates herself, preferring to be alone or in the company of three close friends who share her love for fantasy as a way to escape the everyday grind.

On Saturday night, her friends join Nikki—as they do every week—to play their favorite quest game. But this time, the unexpected happens. They find themselves on a real quest in a strange land. The stakes are high, the hazards are real, and so are the four guys they’re paired with on the quest. And from the moment the quest begins, they are all in mortal peril.

Nikki is forced to trust her fellow questers with her life, creating conflicts with her resolve to never trust anyone again. And on top of that, she finds herself attracted to Justin, one of the four guys on the quest.

Will Nikki be able to overcome her trust issues before she or one of her friends gets killed? And if she does pursue a relationship with Justin, what will happen when the quest is over and everyone returns home?

Award-winning author W. B. Speir weaves a swashbuckling tale of danger, spicy romance, and high adventure.


The Portal of Alesia

Book 2 - The Portal of Alesia.

The Keeper of the Portal of Alesia is missing!

Each of the Portal Keepers are tasked with protecting the portals from misuse and preventing armies from using the portals for conquest.

Nikki, Justin, and their quester friends, are tasked with finding the missing Portal Keeper and returning him to Alesia before his portal can be used for evil purposes.

But this quest will not be easy. There will be temptation, in addition to the danger and mortal peril they experienced on their last quest in this strange land. Can the relationships forged in their first quest together survive a cunning enemy determined to cause their quest to fail by any means necessary, even if it means torturing every quester on the team and pitting them against one another until the team can no longer pose any threat to the enemy’s mad ambitions?

In this second installment of The Quester Trilogy, Award-winning author W. B. Speir continues the spicy romantic saga of Nikki, Justin, a their teammates as they fight a new enemy, his minions, and each other, to save their relationships and complete the quest.


The Final Quest

Book 3 - The Final Quest.

King Constantine, High King of the Eight Realms, has been murdered!

Angélique, Constantine’s niece and heir to the throne, has been accused of his murder. She commands the armies of the Realm of the High Kingdom, and she is accused of staging a coup to become the new High Queen. Her soldiers don’t believe she is responsible, but they have orders to arrest her and bring her before Princess Telise, Angélique’s half-sister and acting ruler of the Realm of the High Kingdom.

Fearing for her life, Angélique and a handful of her loyal soldiers make their way to Riverstone, where the tavern owner agrees to help her. He summons the questers to help prove Angélique’s innocence before Telise, takes power.

The questers don’t have much time to complete their quest. Half of Angélique’s soldiers remain loyal to her while the other half are trying to arrest her. The armies of the other realms are beginning to mobilize for war, threatening to break the peace that has lasted for thousands of years. Even the Portal Keepers are struggling to find a way to help prevent a civil war that will destroy the eight realms and plunge their world into chaos.

In this final installment of The Quester Trilogy, Award-winning author W. B. Speir concludes the spicy romantic saga of the questers as they fight to help save Angélique’s world, to save each other, and to return home safely.


The Quester Trilogy Special Edition

Special Edition Hardback and eBook.

The complete trilogy in a single hardback or ebook edition!

The entire trilogy (The Unexpected Quest, The Portal of Alesia, and The Final Quest) presented in a special edition ebook and hardback, with both a dust jacket and a laminated hardback cover.

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